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When it comes to your heating, we want to make sure you maximise your boilers performance. Service My Boiler understand the importance of effectively getting the most out of your system, especially with control options. This is why we have teamed up with Honeywell to offer you the very best, digitally advanced controls. Understanding how to use temperature controls, will help you minimise energy consumption and will make your life much easier.

So, what is a thermostat?

This smart device, allows you to remotely control your heating for better functionality. Created with you in mind, Honeywell’s smart thermostat comes with an easy to use app which can be accessed via your smartphone or tablet.

Why should you replace your old controls?

  • Digital thermostats give greater accuracy
  • You can schedule your heating and hot water to go on and off when needed
  • Inaccuracies and inefficiencies of Mechanical Heating controls – Compared to digital controls which don’t have moving parts, mechanical controls collect dust over time causing the device to become unstable. Digital controls remain accurate throughout the life of the product.
  • Saving you money – By installing and effectively using a room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves, you could save £75-£155. You will also help save the planet.
  • Blending in with your home – Old controls aren’t the most pretty looking device, modern devices are designed to blend in with your room decor. So, no more ugly controls.
  • Maximum comfort, minimum energy consumption: TPI (Time Proportional and Integral) control is a feature available in modern room thermostats, such as the DT90E or DT92E, that makes sure the boiler fires for the shortest possible time to maintain your desired comfort levels. Mechanical controls do not have this in-built intelligence

Want to know which heating control is right for your home? Visit Honeywell’s website, here you’ll find the different control options available. Alternatively, watch the easy to follow videos underneath

Lyric Smart Thermostat

Honeywell CM727 Digital Room Thermostat

*Source Energy Saving Trust and Honeywell