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Central Heating and Boilers explained

Its important to understand how your boiler and heating system works. The size, type and make of boiler can all affect how much energy you use and how your home and hot water is heated. It also affects how you might service and treat your system to ensure it runs smoothly.
There are three main types to consider:

  • Combi
  • Conventional
  • System


Combi, or combination boilers, are the UK’s most popular type of boiler. They can be an economical option, as combi boilers only heat the water you use.

Combi Boiler


People also call them regular or heat-only boilers. They send hot water to your radiators and a hot water cylinder.
Conventional Boiler

System Boilers

If your home has more than one bathroom and you need a constant supply of hot water but you have a loft conversion or no space in your loft. The heating components are built into the boiler itself, making it economical to run.

System Boiler